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Re: Usability/design in relation to res.partner

OpenERP Master
- 08/18/2015 01:48:16
I am very open minded to an explanation for the current functionality design. It seems there are those out there that like it as is. I anticipated this but not why. Also nobody commented on the code quality of the method I mentioned.

In our case with B2C or eve B2B, all of the companies I ever worked wtih have simple concept of Customer record (partner) and billing / shipping addresses. When you first start a sale/quote workflow you select a customer. You will also ask them their billing address and or shipping address. Worth noting 100% of my clients are product based businesses that deliver goods to a customer or other vendor.

When they select a customer, they need to select an address that is an address of the customer. This can be any address or in a different country even, as long as the address is attached to the customer/business partner. The current functionality has no filter and allows you to select a partner, contact, delivery address, or invoice address.

When you add a partner to a sale order, if no shipping/invoice addresses are attached as children of the partner, the software defaults to the partner id. In most if not all of my implementations, the partner itself would have no address and a specification must be made for each billing/shipping.

In software like Magento, you can specify a default for each type. When you add a customer/business to a sale order, it could populate each respectively. If I add an address of type default, it has no distinction between shipping and billing.

Also, in the source code for get_address a domain is passed to retrieve ['contact', 'invoice', 'delivery'] but contact type is never retrieved and used. You said a contact is not an invoice or delivery address, but it is used as a possible entry in the code, just never called.

Some clients set up new addresses in Odoo but do not think to check other than contact, which is checked by default. I feel like generally there is something missing in terms of invoice/delivery management. The fact you have to enable this to even select a delivery/invoice address further tells me that there is an Odoo disconnect on how B2C businesses work today. I would ask you to please compare the feature of adding to a sale order against other reputable software and from what ive seen is consistency and Odoo is the odd one out.

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 10:48 PM, Nhomar Hernández <> wrote:

2015-08-17 22:32 GMT-05:00 Graeme Gellatly <>:
You forgot the most important one, web_m2x_option to stop all those creations.

That's true.! (but it is supported by default in 8.0)
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