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Re: Usability/design in relation to res.partner

Open For Small Business Ltd, Graeme Gellatly
- 08/17/2015 20:49:45


Firstly first name last name is a localization thing.  Good modules exist that handle it but many or most of the world population don't have that nomenclature. 

Second I cannot possibly see how you would get random defaults,  granted the signature is misleading but the return makes it obvious it is a single Id call.

Also there is the ability to assign a default,  by setting the address type to default.  Shipping goods to people other than the partner is quite common for many.  Invoicing you are probably right just surprised I never had a problem.

I'm not saying the design is perfect but it isn't as bad as being made out here. 

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On 18 Aug 2015, at 12:34 PM, OpenERP Master <> wrote:

I wanted to share my dissatisfaction in respect to res.partner.

Why is there not a firstname, lastname field. This is very standard in a lot of software, It is important to have them separate, especially when working with external software that require these fields independently. You end up having to do something stupid like separate on spaces which doesnt work well.

The way addresses are retrieved seems horrendous. Can someone justify this method as is?

Why not implement ability to assign a default. This way would produce random defaults.
Also, in onchange_partner_id in sale module, it does a select for [contact, delivery, invoice], but it does not work correctly. It always selects the partner id as invoice and delivery if the only address type available is contact. Contact addresses are not populated unless you select them.

In sale module when selecting invoice/delivery address there is no filtering based on the selected partner. It shows all partners. You would allow business users to select accidentally an address that does not even belong to the person you are billing/shipping goods. There may be a case to allow this, but probably most b2c users would not want to allow this.

In base partner view the contact view is embedded inside the partner default form view. If you want to customize this very important view, you make it more difficult than it has to be.

There are a few more pain points here, but seriously I have trouble understanding this functionality. IMO its broken.

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