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Odoo saas-6 and V9-community, included open-core features

OpusVL, Nuria Arranz-Velazquez
- 08/17/2015 11:18:28
Hi all,

We understand that saas-6 summer release is effectively Odoo V8.1, ie. 
stepping stone to the final Odoo V9 release.

Please can anyone confirm that saas-6 comprises of an open-core that is 
fully GPL and this is in effect saas-6 community?

Also, are we correct in our interpretation of (somewhat confusing) 
information to date regarding Odoo enterprise that:

Odoo enterprise = Community + enterprise add on modules (proprietary)

Therefore, if we download saas-6 from the public git repository this 
does not contain the enterprise addons directory?

In addition, saas-6 community is a branch from master and, going 
forward, the next branch from master will be Odoo V9 community?

Many thanks in advance,

N. Arranz-Velazquez
OpusVL Odoo Specialist Team (OOST)
Product Owner

Drury House
Drury Lane
CV21 3DE

T: 01788 298 450