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Re: Canadian Payroll in Odoo v8

Jordi Riera
- 08/17/2015 08:28:17
Hey Eric,

You might want to talk with David Dufresnes ( or Maxime Chambreuil ( from Savoir-faire Linux. They were working on Canadian payroll initiative.

They should be able to inform you about v8 version and any more details you would need to move forward.

Hope it helps,

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 8:19 AM Éric Bélanger <> wrote:


Does anyone know if Canadian payroll configuration and accounting can be installed properly for v8? I know it exists for v7. I installed it on v8 but I get errors when going into an employee form.

If not, can anyone share the basic Salary rules, Salary structure, GL accounts for payroll, etc. to be used in Canada?



Éric Bélanger, MBA
Rubix Technologies inc.

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