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Re: where do I find "downloadable" themes

Ermin Trevisan
- 08/17/2015 04:35:10

On 17.08.2015 08:42, robert wrote:
> where do I find "canned" theme (either free or for money..)
> the only ones I found are the ones offered on
This is the right place.
> However, they all seem to be "the same", following a very similar
> structure ..
Well, usability guidelines for commercial websites (and that's what Odoo 
Website Builder is built for) suggest not to reinvent the wheel, but 
provide web users with an intuitive and easy to use interface. This of 
course restricts creativity when only using the standard customizing 
features of the Website Builder. However, you are free to adapt and 
extend the features arbitrarely.

The themes available by now do differ concerning:

1. Navigation type (horizontal, vertical, button)
2. Color combos
3. Font combos
4. Images and patterns available (images are licensed only to Odoo SaaS 
5. Available building blocks.

My comments:
ad 5. :
All building blocks should be available for all themes.

Because of 4. you could relatively easy build 3 custom themes for each 
navigation type which allow to select custom color combos and custom 
font combos containing all building blocks and you are done.

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