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problem installing etherpad

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 08/14/2015 13:13:06
Hi there,
when I started to create projects with the projects module I was "hinted" to setup eherpad in /settings/companies/company

so I started this quest and now some hours later I have it installed and running
but allas,
not functioning.

This is what I did:

on the (remote) server I installed etherpad according to the information I found here:

in the etherpad folder on the remote machine I edited settings.json and
changed the following elements:

 //You shouldn't use "dirty" for for anything else than testing or development
  "dbType" : "postgres",
  //the database specific settings
   "dbSettings" : {
                    "user"    : "etherpad",
                    "host"    : "localhost",
                    "password": "XXX",
                    "database": "etherpad"

 /* Users for basic authentication. is_admin = true gives access to /admin.
     If you do not uncomment this, /admin will not be available! */

  "users": {
    "admin": {
      "password": "XXXX",
      "is_admin": true

In the firewall I opened 9001, created an init script started it and in the log file I got the following messages:
[2015-08-14 18:19:01.141] [INFO] console - Installed plugins:
[2015-08-14 18:19:01.153] [INFO] console - Report bugs at
[2015-08-14 18:19:01.154] [INFO] console - Your Etherpad version is 1.5.7 (02c022a)
[2015-08-14 18:19:01.237] [INFO] console - You can access your Etherpad instance at
[2015-08-14 18:19:01.237] [INFO] console - The plugin admin page is at

looks fine..

I can access etherpad on remoteserver:9001/admin/plugins

and get a million plugins listed.

looks still very good..

in  the odoo settings Companies/Company/.. i added:

localhost (tried also ip address, and ip address:9001)
the ley that was created .....

HOWEVER, now the problems start..

Whe I try to create a new project and assign a new task I get the the following message in the "description" area.
And the description area is not editable.

Not Found

The requested URL /p/redproducts-project.task-OT93W14PVB was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.10 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80

in the odoo loglfiles I find lines like the following:
2015-08-14 17:09:02,282 26015 WARNING redproducts openerp.addons.pad.pad: No url found 'http://localhost/p/redproducts-project.task-EQK17KK9FP'.

can anybody give me a hint where the problem is/ how to procees?