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Re: Split OCA website repository into website and website_sale

Pedro M. Baeza
- 08/14/2015 06:25:56
I agree that website repo is being very populated, so we can at least isolate website_sale related modules that are very popular. Anyways, this request should be done on and maybe with copy to mailing list, that doesn't have a general and unrelated audience like this one.


2015-08-14 12:20 GMT+02:00 Leonardo "LeartS" Donelli <>:
Hi all!
The OCA/website repository already contains 16 modules of which 4 are
actually ecommerce (website_sale) modules.
There are 22 PR for new modules, of which 6 are modules for the ecommerce.

Assuming all get merged, this would result in a repo with 38 modules.
By splitting the repo into OCA/website and OCA/website_sale, they
would have respectively 28 and 10 modules, which would make it simpler
to manage and to find the modules you're looking for.

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