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Re: Magentoerpconnect mail notification when synchronization fail

- 08/14/2015 03:01:49
I think it interesting function for magentoerpconnect  to develop.

2015-08-07 17:15 GMT+08:00 Harold Tamo <>:
Hi all,

Nobody can help me please ? My question isn't clear enough ?


2015-08-05 19:40 GMT+01:00 Harold Tamo <>:

2015-08-05 11:02 GMT+01:00 Harold Tamo <>:
Hello everyone,

I'm using magentoerpconnect v7 6.1.2 by MagentoERPconnect Core Editors on odoo V7 (see attachment).

I want to set mail notification every time an order synchronization fails(for instance, when a synchronization fail, a mail is sent to Administrator).

Could you please tell me how to achieve that ? is it already done in the connector and if so, how can i activate it?

Thanks in advance,




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