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Re: is this a bug?

OpusVL, Nuria Arranz-Velazquez
- 08/12/2015 05:53:30
I wonder if English would refer to US, as opposed to English UK

On 08/08/15 21:22, Nhomar Hernández wrote:
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2015-08-08 14:56 GMT-05:00 Luis Panozzo <>:
Just in case you ever detect a product description that you do not know where it comes from, go check Translated Terms and do an Advance Search for the culprit under Old Source. Most likely you will find it there.

This is an expected behavior, and yes it is extrange in translatable fields, we solved with eduction but it is a little confusing sometimes, this is the cost of such feature sadly. :-(

I think it is a good ooportunity to improve on Odoo Side the text widget functionality.
Saludos Cordiales

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Nhomar Hernandez

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