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Re: Dairy industry

XPANSA, Eva Pinter
- 08/11/2015 08:21:24

Hi Rami,

Please note that the OdooMRP group has solutions for manufacturing in the chemical industry. It should also work for dairy industry.

Check OdooMRP in github or

Please note that a training will be held about manufacturing with OdooMRP from the 21st of September 2015. You may want to register for it.

All contacts are to be found on odoo - or

Best regards


On 11 Aug 2015 11:57, "Rami Talat" <> wrote:

Does anyone have an idea about Odoo in the dairy industry? And in general in the process manufacturing?
I know from Odoo's website that Danone is one of the big customers for Odoo, but I found no sign in this field.
Your contribution will be very appreciated.

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