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Sales Entry Screen - Drill down with Minimum clicks

Narayana Moturi
- 08/07/2015 04:43:51
Hello All,

I'd like to ask the community if anyone has developed or modified the existing sales order entry process to make super simple yet effective for a sales person - Effective I mean to know all about the customer history with minimum clicks. This is very important when the sales person is taking an order over a phone.

On every product selected in the sales order line, need to have readily available information like :-

- Stock Availability 
- If stock not available - show the existing PO's and scheduled date to arrive
- Customer previous Invoices, Sales orders, Outstanding Back Orders
- Price breakdown (If available Qty Breakdown Pricing)

I know way around of getting this information like opening new tabs and querying it , but this is not productive from sale front line perspective.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.