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Re: PyEmbed ?

Leonardo Rochael Almeida
- 08/06/2015 12:06:24
Hi Yassine,

That error message means that the PyEmbed distribution is not installed in your system.

For that you need to run a command equivalent to "pip install pyembed" using the pip command of the Python installation that runs your odoo instance.

Or if you installed using buildout, you should add "pyembed" to the "eggs" section of your buildout.cfg file.



On 6 August 2015 at 11:35, Yassine Teimi <> wrote:

Did you heard about PyEmbed, I think it's a python library used to embed content on the website, such as videos, slides, etc. I found it used on a module on the python model file as follows : 

from pyembed.core import PyEmbed, consumer as oembed_consumer

When installed this module, Odoo tells me that there is no module named : pyembed.core

Do you have an idea about it ? 




Yassine TEIMI

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