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Hello Marcello, I tried this t [...]

Nikunj Jani (jni)
- 08/06/2015 02:29:27

Hello Marcello,

I tried this thing long ago and that worked, may be this will be helpful to some extent :

Suppose we want to buy some product in KG and we want to sell that product in PCE

We decide initially that 1 KG equals 100 PCE

(1) Now first go to the Warehouse -> Configuration -> Product -> Unit Of Measure -> Unit Of Measure

Create a new UOM called child_kg ..give the following parameters :

Name : child_kg
UOM Category : Weight
UOM Type : Smaller then the Reference UOM ( here Reference UOM is KG which is already there in OpenERP)
Rounding Precision : 0.010
Ratio : 100.00000 ( This means that 1 kg means 100 items )

save the record...

(2) Now , define a new product named ' kg_to_pce '

Now under the Unit Of Measure section...

Default Unit Of Measure : child_kg (that we newly defined)

Purchase Unit Of Measure : kg (already there with OpenERP)

Unit Of Sale : PCE

(3) Create a new purchase order for this product....

It will give 1 as default unit..

confirm the purchase order and then check the Stock for this product..

It will show 100 PCE for this product...

This means that according to our configuration we have purchased 1 KG of this product but in stock it will show as PCE....

(4) Now create a sell order of 10 PCE for the same product..

As it is now dealing in PCE it is allowing us to take 10 otherwise it will not allow if it would have considered as KG as we have only 1 KG....


Nikunj Jani (Odoo India)