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Re: Multi company Error

Numa Extreme Systems, Gustavo Marino
- 08/04/2015 17:53:37
Unless you have a very good reason to use a hierarchical company setup, go for a simple list of companies.

Default security settings allow to access accounting object from main company and the dependants at the same time. All the documents based on property values, like accounts, fiscal positions and taxes will select wrong values if your preferences say you are working with the master company and the document you are editing belongs to one of a child company (the reason is that property fields values are based on current user company, not document company)

If you clearly separate companies in a flat hierarchy, you can not select wrong values without realizing it. It requires some setup, but you will not find this kind of annoying errors

If you are forced to go for a hierarchy, then a major adjust on record rules is needed, specially for all account objects

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2015-08-04 18:04 GMT-03:00 Mohamed M. Hagag <>:

ensure that you select the appropriate account, journal and period of the company when the user have access on more than one company, or login with a user that can work with one company only.

On 08/04/2015 08:47 PM, Tutu Moses wrote:
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in multi-company environment. If you have parent company users who will validate and handle all accounting for all child companies.
 now the parent company users cannot  add payments. This is despite having Allowed companies set for the parent company users.
i get this error instead
can anyone help

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