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Re: Setting up the distance as project unit reference instade of time and/or days

- 08/03/2015 11:26:11
You must change the "working time unit" in the Settings / Configuration / Project.

2015-08-03 10:18 GMT-05:00 Cyrille Roméo BAKAGNA <>:
Hi Community,
i am deploying an odoo project for one of my custumer,
he wants to follow tasks not by time or days but by the work charge to be done.
For example:
he has to performe 50 000 meters of excavation.what he wants is, to be able to set day by day how many meters he has done (instade of how many hours he spent) so that if he has done may be 25000 meters ;the system can tell him that he is at 50% of the scope.
in other words,how to change the hour wich is the default project unit to distance (or something else) to suite the project logic.

Thanks in advance.


Cyrille R. BAKAGNA

Odoo and open sources consultant

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