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Re: Create an email address for every lead

FACTOR LIBRE SL, Carlos Liébana Anero
- 08/01/2015 06:15:21
Hello Mouad,

We've developped what you need, although the module is pending on review (and changes from our side) in OCA [1]. You should also know that this needs a tricky configuration in the side of your mail provider (catchall configuration). Here you have a good tutorial [2]

Best regards

2015-08-01 0:54 GMT+02:00 Mouad HAMRI <>:

Hello community,


One of our customers used to use a CRM when he gets an email address created automatically after each lead creation, this email address is unique and it’s used to manage the lead.

So if his client or anyone from his team used this email address, a note is created automatically and assigned to the lead.

We know that in odoo we can use an address email but it’s assigned to the object crm.lead so my question is: has anyone faced such need and how can we satisfy it?


Thank you in advance.





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