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Hertford Developments Limited, Kurt Haselwimmer
- 07/31/2015 16:34:21
Joseph and Fabien,

sorry to butt into the conversation - if you can open access to slides groups to users who have purchased a video series how about also using odoo slides to deliver free video content via automated marketing emails?

You know the kind of thing - have a cool hook video that gets users to sign up with the promise of more (sometimes hidden, but need not be necessarily) video content. Often these are arranged in training series, like your training videos, where there is a very clear sequence of videos to work through, that can be used for keeping close email contact with "here's the next video in the series you signed up for" emails. Udemy is a good example of a platform that does this very effectively.


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The ideal solution depends on the content you sell: single videos (you buy every single video) or training materials (you buy an access to several videos).

For training materials, I would use Odoo slides to organize your videos, like in:
You can assign groups on slides section and, with a small customization, assign groups to users who purchased specific products. We have done that for some customers on the Saa S and it's a 4 hours advanced customization.

If you sell individual videos, you can use the "Digital Product" product type. When you buy a specific product in the eCommerce, you get links to the documents in the portal (or the confirmation email). Then, you attach links to your product.

For both use cases, you will have to use the latest online version as these features (slides, portal, digital products) are not in version 8 but in the online version. (or you wait for v9). A bit of customization is required, it's not easy to do it out-of-the-box. But it's just a few hours for the setup.

Note that Odoo should not be used to host the videos. In both use cases, you will have to host your videos on another service (Google Docs with "Anyone with the link" setting, Youtube,...)


On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 12:58 PM, Joseph Andrade <> wrote:

Has anyone setup an eCommerce Shop for Videos?

I can't find a product type that would fit that type of product.

I hope you can share some insights into this.

Many thanks.

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