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Re: The issue mountain on github

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 07/31/2015 14:04:25
Third take. (Codetriage)
Code Triage might be THE tool to advance towards the goals elaborated by the initial posting here on this list.
Therefore tooling and guidance is necessary. Wording is crucial when educating users. So I created a pull request to include Code Triage with a first wording into the (asuming that is where it would belong to).
Please have a look, and if you like it, feel free to upvote to express your feelings.

I just did my first comment here:
If you feel, this might be a good thing, don't wait, just DO join!
Best Regards, David

El vie., 31 jul. 2015 a las 12:36, David Arnold (<>) escribió:
Hi there, a short follow up for your convenience:

There has been actually some work done in this direction, which you can find here:

As it is build on top of the sinatra framework, which handles some plumbing, the relevant file to look is:
77 Lines of Code.

Could be reused with two parsers added (configfile and issue comments), and we would be all set.

Best Regards, David

El vie., 31 jul. 2015 a las 11:44, David Arnold (<>) escribió:
To more involved parties:

Probably, that's a motivating visualization to take further steps:

Where issues meta discussion could take place, to keep the repo itself clean(er):
(and NO, lagacy and NOT seemlessly integrated chat systems are no alternative)

Something for Odoo-Folks (GitHub-Collaborators), to help them with the more advanced triage (assuming they can apply best practice approches here and are not bound to inhouse solutions):

For those community-folks, who are desperately willing to help out with triage, but on a sustainable workload level (only as a multitude we can master it):

I reiterate (ceterum censeo) towards Odoo SA the most important point:
Make some script connected with webhooks (or as a last resort, periodically scanning the repo), which pareses issue and comment text, and looks for special well documented tags. (Think about "{tag}" ) The suggestion for implementation details follows, if you're not intrested jump over this parragraf:

- .contributortag file in the root of the repository
- consisting of 2 parts
- tag definition
- authorized contributors (can apply by pull requesting on this file)
- special purpose github user which serves as author proxy (is an acceptable shortcoming)
- (optionally) kind of different authorization levels mapping contributor classificacion to tag classification
- (optionally) provide similar logic for community milstones, so community can better organize it's actual coding efforts. A implementation suggestion would be the following milestones maintained by selected (benevolent dictatorial) oca-contributors:
"oca-main", "oca-next", "oca-bluesky"

I hope, reader, you found this useful, and will be willing to undertake directed action which helps getting this setup soon. Please, if that sounds and adequate request to you, abstain from all too general purpose feedback.

Martin Trigaux, you have shown, with you're status report on translation to everyone the tacit benefits of transparency. I hope I can, based on a common understanding about the power of transparency in the organization of multitudes, convince you to buy in on this idea and help to provide internal guidance to make this idea happen ;-)

Best Regards

David Arnold

Ermin Trevisan <> schrieb am Do., 30. Juli 2015 um 23:47:

On 30.07.2015 11:17, Alan Bell wrote:
> what I am after is not Odoo fixing all the issues, I am after some 
> kind of triage, or discussion, some comment saying "yeah, that seems 
> valid, go ahead and fix it" or "you are wrong, it works fine" or "you 
> are thinking about it all wrong, you should be doing this instead" or 
> "fix it in your own instance if you want, it isn't inline with the 
> project goals".
> Alan.

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