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Re: A set of training videos - now made available for FREE!

Mohamed Hagag
- 07/31/2015 09:31:27

Nice but can't enter full screen .

On 07/31/2015 02:10 PM, Alexandre Vandermeersch wrote:
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Dear all,

Some news: we are completely releasing Odoo 8 functional videos (+ brief tutorials) - feel free to share them to your network!  Those were previously only shared to participants of our trainings, but we decided to open them up completely.

Here is a recap on where else to find functional information about Odoo:
   - Book on OpenERP v7 - still  a rich & complete description, be aware that many changes occured in Odoo 8 then Odoo 9
  -   Forums 'How to' - written for Odoo 8
  -  Slides shared during Odoo Experience 2015  - all on Odoo 9
  - On our Website we are progressively enriching all apps pages with a 'Features list', which can be useful for you or when talking to clients, for instance check the CRM features  - we are reviewing those as we upgrade our apps
  - Some documentation was already released on the Website - check our Business memento's on the main Odoo 8 doc page , and the summary on latest publications from Martin

But our main source in the future will be our new  documentation for Odoo 9 (in progress), managed here.
If you have signed up and did not create docs yet, please start ! If you did not sign up and you think you can contribute, we'd love to have you as author or reviewer in the spreadsheet. Please read as well previous email from Martin.

Many thanks

Alexandre Vandermeersch
+32 491 08 80 09
Chief Marketing Officer, Odoo s.a.

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