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Hard to follow this mailinglist in plain-text

Marcel van der Boom
- 07/30/2015 07:55:08

Because I favor my email to be plain-text by default, it is quite hard
to read this mailinglist and follow the discussion. The plain-text part
of the messages is missing reply-quote characters fairly often.

I'm seeing the following issues:
- reply quotes (mostly) missing, text is squashed into one big lump of
  text. Sometimes the quote characters are there, but inconsistent in
  number and format.
- links are put at the bottom with [#] references (good!) but it
  doesn't exclude the standard footer, so I'm getting 100 different
  references all to the same link.

I'm assuming this is because an automatic translation is made somewhere
from html to plain text. 

Would it be possible to have that configured differently, so plain text
mails make sense too?  I haven't checked other mailinglists from odoo,
but I'm guessing they will show the same behaviour.


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