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Re: The issue mountain on github

Nhomar Hernandez
- 07/29/2015 18:43:47

2015-07-29 17:02 GMT-05:00 Graeme Gellatly <>:
Claiming that you cannot and Odoo should is IMHO quite unfair.  This isn't unique to Odoo and a very common policy of many Open Source projects.  In fact if anything the 'issue mountain' (which has an over 50% clear rate) indicates to me that Odoo is perhaps being overly generous and that many people are not purchasing OPW and expecting free resolution to their issues.  Its hard to have fat kids if you give everything away.

I rarely agree with Odoo, but on this particular topic, it has veered towards the realm of unreasonable expectations.  And no I don't have OPW and yes I have outstanding issues in that list, some approaching a year, but I don't feel entitled to complain about it.  To me raising an issue is basically saying 'Hey I found this, here is the problem, it isn't important enough for me to invest time (or money) fixing it but I thought I'd let you know'.  It is a form of reciprocity for what they give me for free and given without any expectation.


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