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Community - Odoo security - 60 hours to go!

OpusVL, Stuart J Mackintosh
- 07/29/2015 14:29:51
Dear Community,

Thank you all for your feedback and supportive comments, the project is now 43% funded by 23 contributors and has 60 hours to go!

Although views have been shared that an ERP and a web site should not be connected, the reality is that there are now many users  (Odoo say 2 million) who are using an Odoo with the capability to install the website module at the click of a button (if not already enabled), so right or wrong, the issue is here today, and not knowing the risk is a dangerous position.

For this reason, if you use Odoo, you need to support an Odoo security audit.

@Gunnar - Thanks for the post and the linked-in

@Carlos - Thanks for the contribution - There should be concern, will users wait until there is an issue and only then wonder why no-one did anything?

@Dave - It does cost over £10k for an external audit (just the direct cost, the indirect cost could be much more). I am able to run this cost-effectively as I have an experienced team, we have Odoo platforms running and are experience being on the receiving end of an audit. Any contribution is welcome!

@Fabien @Dave @Gunnar - Odoo have a lot to gain and further contributions from them to make this happen would be gratefully received!

Lets keep going and get the project funded! All social media and promotion is welcome.

Best regards,


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