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Re: [Odoo V8]Superuser

Nhomar Hernandez
- 07/29/2015 12:39:32

2015-07-29 4:52 GMT-05:00 Yoshi Tashiro <>:

What matter is not really the frequency of when you need to have the superuser power, but whether you have the situation where you need to assign more than one person to take the role.


That specific situation can e done fairly easy (2 minutes of clicks) simply add them to administration/settings.

See the ACL for views.

But BTW.

IMHO you should try to do that in a testing enviroment (a copy of the instance with old expired data) never in production, remember it can left the view unsusable.

Even for my internal team I do not give such access on my own instance, but your point is clear.


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