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Re: API Integration exemple

Blanco Martin y Asociados , Daniel Blanco
- 07/29/2015 12:12:04

You should create a module with a function inside a class, which will inherit from the model you attempt to update with the provided api. You can call the updater function using a button defined in the same class, or you can call it from a cron job. As a first approach, you can hardcode the url inside your module, and later you can write a new model containing the url and all the parameters neeeded, so you can configure it using a wizard, or a configuration menu.

Take a look to this as the first approach:

It updates some currencies quotations, using an api. The api is hardcoded in a .py file.

This other piece of code, is another example with lot of components, but not finished yet:

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2015-07-29 11:18 GMT-03:00 <>:
I am looking for some example about how to integrate an external application that provides an API.
i.e. I get a json object from that external application after a request in the form of:
GET ONE: curl -u username:password
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