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RE: [Odoo V8]Superuser

Quartile Limited, Yoshi Tashiro
- 07/29/2015 05:47:40

Thanks for your comments.  You wouldn't use the superuser in normal Odoo operation, and that has never been our practice either.


Sometimes (rather often), though, we, as an Odoo service provider, have situations where we want to quickly apply some changes to a view through debug mode for the purpose of aligning with the customer on what changes should take place, and that is only possible if you are the superuser.  And we tend to be in the situation that both customer and we want to have this ability.  I guess you could just alter the view definition for that debug mode dropdown to let non-superusers access those menu items, but I thought this kind of situation should be officially assumed/supported.


What matter is not really the frequency of when you need to have the superuser power, but whether you have the situation where you need to assign more than one person to take the role.


Yoshi Tashiro


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Agreed! You can give a user with unlimited amo to the common people except if I world war is ongoing in your company ;)

Using super admin user for common or admin tasks is not a good practice. Most of the tasks can be performed by the user in configuration group with technical feature. You should only turn to Chuck Norris when there is no hope to solve the situation.


2015-07-29 4:37 GMT+02:00 Caudal Eric <>:


I usually have one admin per company and use superadmin very occasionally (actually when I do not have option such as tweak the ir.values)

Superadmin should be your chuck_norris you only use in very specific missions...


On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 9:52 AM Nhomar Hernández <> wrote:


2015-07-28 20:12 GMT-05:00 Yoshi Tashiro <>:

I find this arrangement quite inconvenient when you need to have multiple *admin* persons for a database.  To me, keeping the superuser login to a person is not an option in managing an enterprise system, and sharing the superuser login among the qualified people in the team also makes the login management cumbersome and risk-prone. 


The issue is that the user 1 is like CHUCK NORRIS in odoo, too dangerous to simply have more than one.


What you can do is have several technical users giving "Technical Fetures" access and "Administration Settings" remember give them multicompany also and enable all companies.

With that you will have a sudo user, but it will have some multicompany problems be care of make transactions with this user.

IMHO it is Ok have such configuration.


Saludos Cordiales

CEO at Vauxoo Odoo's Gold Partner.


Nhomar Hernandez


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