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Re: Odoo 9 on premises pricing.

- 07/28/2015 06:11:02
Hello Alexandre
thank you for this remainder. I still need a clarification on this.
See on your text below.

2015-07-28 11:48 GMT+02:00 Alexandre Vandermeersch <>:

> For instance, the whole of our Odoo Online Summer
> release (our SaaS offering) will be integrated into the Odoo 9 community
> edition. Check our release notes, and our blog for details.
> There has been many debates in this list on whether having an open core
> model is the right model, and obviously we fully respect all opinions. One
> thing is clear for us (as Odoo sa.): our core product and values remain open
> source.

Is there any commitment/option a customer can choose to use your Saas
service but remain strictly compatible with a full opensource version
so he can replay his database on his own ?

It seems a customer cannot leave your Saas service after your summer
upgrade until V9 is published, best case.

> Thanks
> Alexandre