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Understanding Session to handle the login of the user....

Devang Pipaliya
- 07/27/2015 09:18:06
Hello everyone,

Can anyone help to under stand the "session_context" and "session_gc"?

What is the role of them? How the odoo is selecting the session and 
making it as an active one?

What I understood till now is;
Odoo is using the werkzeug lib is saving the sessions in the files under 
temp directory.
But I am still confuse how the Odoo is taking a session from list of 
multiple sessions stored in multiple files from this temp directory.
Even though we have cleared the cookies, Odoo is taking the session and 
regenerating the cookies from here.

Can any one guide me on this please?

It would be a great help, thanks in advance.

Devang H. Pipaliya,
Jr. Software Engineer,
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.