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OpusVL, Stuart J Mackintosh
- 07/24/2015 04:55:37
Dear Odoo community,

There are now just 8 days left until the Odoo security audit campaign finishes and the campaign is now 29% funded. It would be really valuable to get some more support for the community as a whole.

I have set up this crowd fund campaign up to enable us all to share the cost of this activity as a community, and all benefit from the result. I think this is the best opportunity to have a formal security audit of Odoo undertaken, so that support taking part will have the option of learning the true state of Odoo security and also have immediate issues discovered and addresses.

You can access the campaign on Indiegogo here: As a fixed-funded project, no funds will be taken unless we reach the target of £10,000.

I feel that it is sufficiently important that this gets done so in the spirit of community and openness, I have taken the initiative to get on with it rather than just lobby Odoo. We all benefit from an excellent software application so I do not feel that it is unfair to chip in to make this audit happen.

The project has received good press and social interactions, support from Odoo and lots of visitors and today Odoo showed their commitment by contributing to the project.

My team have discovered a further password issue in recent days affecting the SaaS which Odoo are currently considering, we do not know how many more of these issues exist, but as implementers of Odoo, we should all work to find out before the bad guys do.

If we and our customers are to use the web-connected features like the portal, email campaign module, web builder and others, whilst having our business information held in Odoo, we need this audit.

Please  get involved. If you think that I can improve or alter the campaign, just let me know, I am keen to hear your ideas and work collaboratively.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards,


PS If you do not want to contribute financially, you can still help by promoting the campaign through social media, tweets relating to the campaign can be found here: Please use the hashtag #SecureERP


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