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Re: Buildout recipe and OCA

Anybox, Georges Racinet - Co-Founder at Anybox. Python developer, CPS lead dev.
- 07/23/2015 17:11:38
On 07/22/2015 11:14 AM, Leonardo Pistone wrote:
> Personally I don't see any issues whatever you choose (keep your repo,
> giving commit rights to some people, or getting inside the OCA repos).
Noted, thanks
> As Alexandre mentioned, normally we don't use proper names in OCA
> package names. I could consider an exception here, maybe. Or the name
> could maybe start with collective, or oca. Or as a compromise, we
> might keep "any" instead of "anybox".
Thanks for confirming what I thought. I'd like to have more input from
my colleagues at Anybox about that.
> Also, this is a special case of inclusion in the OCA because you have
> your own tooling for CI and documentation.
This is a different topic, but speaking of CI, I wouldn't mind also
Travis launching the unit tests for PRs before merges, something that
our current buildbot integration is not really meant for (although it
could get better at some point). I think Laurent Mignon already
suggested that.

This does not mean to abandon what we do with our buildbot, especially
the outermost layer of integration tests, namely those that actually go
all the way to install various versions of Odoo and check that they
really work.

Anyway, it's impossible to be perfect: the recipe has a sensitivity on
dependencies that's way different of what an Odoo module has, and we get
potentially different results in different contexts, just e.g, because
one builder still has pip 1.5.6 while another is on 7.1. Of course, it's
easy to just say « run against the latest version of everything », but
it's not always 100% doable in real life, and actually, the potential
issues are not even limited to version numbers and API changes,
especially in this realm of packaging tools.

>  You standards are very
> high, so I'd hate to spend time making your recipe worse to get into
> the OCA.

As detailed above, I actually think that adding (some of) the OCA
typical tooling would be a win, it does not have to be a replacement.
> If we do get it into the OCA, I think the OCA can approve very quickly
> your inclusion into the maintainer team for the project.
> In any case, a big thanks for your work, and feel free to make your
> own proposal.
> On Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 5:11 PM, Georges Racinet <> wrote:
> > Dear community,
> >
> > I have been for several years now the maintainer of the Odoo buildout
> > recipe (anybox.recipe.odoo) [1] but recently, my schedule has become an
> > impediment (in part because I only work part-time).
> >
> > So, after I had took too much time merging some simple PRs, I decided to
> > give commit rights to two persons outside of Anybox, and start applying
> > a PR workflow to my own major changes.
> >
> > Those two persons are Laurent Mignon and Sandy Carter, two of the most
> > active contributors, but that decision was not driven by a deep
> > political analysis : it was meant to be done immediately, without delay
> > imposed by actual thinking about it, just to cut the possible
> > contention. I didn't even ask them before sending the Github invitation.
> >
> > Just to be clear, I don't consider that move a mistake by any means, and
> > I am not aware of any political bad vibes. Yet, it's a quickfix, and I
> > think a proper governance would now be in order, and that's what OCA is
> > meant for.
> >
> > I already checked that there's no opposition at Anybox to bring the
> > recipe(s) under OCA control (that was fast). Now, what would the OCA
> > itself think of it ? I suppose we'd have a few details to iron, that
> > could take some time. I don't imagine resigning from the maintainer
> > position, for starters.
> >
> > In the meanwhile, well, outside Anybox, Sandy and Laurent have the power
> > to avoid deadlocks.
> >
> > PS: I'm actually softly off till the end of July, which means I work
> > only for emergencies or to finish stuff that mustn't linger in half-done
> > state [2]
> >
> > [1] and before it, that was anybox.recipe.openerp, which is the proper
> > one to use for versions
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