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Re: Odoo for health industry

Nhomar Hernandez
- 07/23/2015 14:49:49

2015-07-22 14:32 GMT-05:00 Alejandro Sanchez <>:
Hospitalisation, pharmacy, prescription, medical history, etc.

Hello Alejandro.

You can try to plan vertical-medical, offer options and code, revisions and so on.

Basically let me resume the status:

1.- Data models need to be migrated to new api. part of them are already migrated.
2.- There is some PR that need to be reviewed because they are so huge.
3.- Issues about actual design are welcome.

If you will invest on that, it should be cool if you apen issues and PR since the begining in order to help you to have everything running OCA's ready since then and help between all.

The main issue until now is that all PR are being so huge and are really difficult to merge that's the min issue if you work open since the begining it will be very easy to move forward.

I hope it helps.

Saludos Cordiales

CEO at Vauxoo Odoo's Gold Partner.
Nhomar Hernandez