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Wanna spend some part-time holidays and work in the south of France?

Julien Dussart
- 07/23/2015 09:01:24
Hello everyone, 

At the beginning of August, we will would be honored to welcome you in Teris (farm near Montpellier) to build together WeZer next steps. 

We will work together on the last adjustments in the Marketplace module, but especially in a full new module named emergence about decision making inside groups.

If you would like to follow-up and participate in another way on the project, join me on Skype: djulien22


We will weave our hearts and our skills in service of communities.


Wezer summer hacking camp

be a wwoos enjoying South France!


Come whenever you want

from 2nd to 12th August 2015 at Teris, Riols (34), France

Together we develop #emergence Wezer module

and enjoy beauty of Languedoc.



make Wezer #emergence v1.0

share Teris eco-hamlet life

play, swim, chant, walk..



experts in: Odoo, Python, XML, graphic design, UI

design, a mix-group of 12

4 to 5 hour per day

hosting & veg food provided

Trains and planes via Béziers, Castres, Mazamet,


then 2€ bus toward St Pons de Thomières (34220)

(we may be able to help financially with transport)


To enroll please contact us;

More information:



to join us and relay this call.


Hope to hear from you soon,

Julien Dussart   
Consultant Fonctionnel WeZer