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Batch Deposits in Odoo 9 Enterprise

Eficent Business and IT Consulting Services, S.L.
- 07/23/2015 07:17:29

I am preparing the documentation about Batch Deposits of Checks for Odoo 9 Enterprise. Currently testing the feature. 

I'm not sure if the feature is finished or not, but I'm not finding it to be correct from an accounting perspective. Perhaps you can guide me on how to proceed.

The procedure that I would consider as standard process to handle Batch Deposits is documented here:

In Odoo 9 the procedure to create a deposit is as follows:
1. Select invoices that you want to pay, and indicate as payment method 'Batch Deposit' and put the quantity to pay. This will create a single payment.
Inline image 1

This is not accurate, since a batch deposit per se is not a payment method. A customer pays by cash, credit card, check, ... The company can then prepare batch deposits for cash or checks and take them to the bank.

This will create the following journal entry:
Dr. Bank
Cr. Accounts Payable

This would not be accurate. The journal entries to be created should be:
Dr. Undeposited Checks
Cr. Accounts Payable

2. Create a new Batch Deposit, and add the payments that need to be deposited
This is not creating any journal entry at all. Just letting you print.
Inline image 2
This would not be accurate. When the Batch Deposit is created, it should create a new journal entry as follows:
Dr. Bank
Cr. Undeposited Checks

Using that, you always know from an accounting perspective how much do you have in checks at your company.

Currently you have no way to track what payments were created with payment method 'Batch Deposit', but for which you have not created an actual Batch Deposit. You need a check and balance mechanism.

3. Reconcile batch deposit with the bank statement
I can't find the new bank reconciliation application in Enterprise Runbot demo system.
In the bank statement you will see a single line containing the total amount of the Batch Deposit. You should be able to match it with the Batch Deposit created in Odoo.