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Re: Guidelines for User Documentation

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 07/22/2015 06:08:07
Indeed: admin/admin for administrator and demo/demo for unprivileged user.

Note also that the builds have a short lifespan and are sometimes broken
(e.g. somebody changed passwords, uninstall modules, breaks a view,...)
so the following URL will redirect you to the latest build:
but you can also always hit the "rebuild" button on to make a new instance (and be
patient, it will take a few minutes/hours, depending on runbot activity,
to run all tests)

On 21/07/15 23:07, Fabrice Henrion wrote:
> Just like for every runbot instance, the login/password is admin/admin
> On Tue Jul 21 15 11:35 AM, moulay rachid Hachimi wrote:
> in this
> server
> can i have login and password  because mine are not administrator and
> each time i have not enght access right

Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)