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Buildout recipe and OCA

Anybox, Georges Racinet - Co-Founder at Anybox. Python developer, CPS lead dev.
- 07/21/2015 11:09:02
Dear community,

I have been for several years now the maintainer of the Odoo buildout
recipe (anybox.recipe.odoo) [1] but recently, my schedule has become an
impediment (in part because I only work part-time).

So, after I had took too much time merging some simple PRs, I decided to
give commit rights to two persons outside of Anybox, and start applying
a PR workflow to my own major changes.

Those two persons are Laurent Mignon and Sandy Carter, two of the most
active contributors, but that decision was not driven by a deep
political analysis : it was meant to be done immediately, without delay
imposed by actual thinking about it, just to cut the possible
contention. I didn't even ask them before sending the Github invitation.

Just to be clear, I don't consider that move a mistake by any means, and
I am not aware of any political bad vibes. Yet, it's a quickfix, and I
think a proper governance would now be in order, and that's what OCA is
meant for.

I already checked that there's no opposition at Anybox to bring the
recipe(s) under OCA control (that was fast). Now, what would the OCA
itself think of it ? I suppose we'd have a few details to iron, that
could take some time. I don't imagine resigning from the maintainer
position, for starters.

In the meanwhile, well, outside Anybox, Sandy and Laurent have the power
to avoid deadlocks.

PS: I'm actually softly off till the end of July, which means I work
only for emergencies or to finish stuff that mustn't linger in half-done
state [2]

[1] and before it, that was anybox.recipe.openerp, which is the proper
one to use for versions