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Re: Manufacturing with variable results for a butcher shop

- 07/21/2015 04:35:35
Le 21/07/2015 07:46, Graeme Gellatly a écrit :
> Yes,
> That functionality is in 8.0 or maybe SaaS, bom_disassembly does it 
> basically.  I remember porting it for someone about 18 months ago.  
> The only difference here is the requirement for variable outputs which 
> is a real pain in my experience with default Odoo.  Can't have 
> editable many2many, can't change products easily, can't change 
> quantities easily (actually I have not tried 8.0 for this, just 
> realised I am in middle of porting). I'm sure you know better than 
> most, the great part about Odoo MRP is that it is so lightweight you 
> can do almost anything if you understand the underlying stock moves 
> and how they are created, but the UI side can be very tricky to make 
> natural.
Yes variable input and output are at the moment not supported by either 
the standard nor OCA and OdooMRP if I'm not mistaken.
In our processes (chocolate sweets) it's very common to have 
unpredictable inputs and outputs.
Some sweets have more chocolate covering, some less => consume more or 
less of a raw material
Some are bigger, some smaller => for the same raw material you produce 
more or less finished products.
If there is a community effort to tackle this please let me know, we'll 
want to help with code, reviews and/or funds.