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Re: Help needed: Wikipedia page deleted

Libertus Solutions, Alan Bell
- 07/21/2015 03:30:02
well I am pleased to say that is back 
again, it was reviewed and assessed as start class, which means that 
there isthings some way to go, please feel free to edit and improve the 
article, especially if you are logged in to wikipedia, and if you do, 
then please don't stick to just that article, improve some other 
subjects you know about and make it a better encyclopedia - don't be a 
single purpose account.
Stuff added should not be promotional and should be sourced in reliable 


On 19/06/15 15:11, Alexandre Vandermeersch wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Our Odoo page on Wikipedia has been deleted. We are convinced this is
> completely unjustified.
> We provided argument against it on, vainly:
> We would need your help to undelete it.
> If you are already a contributor to Wikipedia, with good credit, an
> admin, or know one who would be willing to help, please get in touch
> with me.
> Note:
> We don't believe newbies to Wikipedia or people who are too tied to the
> matter (like us or strong partners) could help. It might even be
> counterproductive as the admin disregard 'Single Purpose Accounts', ie
> people who only write on one topic.  So please refrain from creating an
> account just to enter the debate. We need independent people with proven
> contributions to Wikipedia to take the matter further.
> Thanks
> Alexandre
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