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Re: Manufacturing with variable results for a butcher shop

- 07/21/2015 02:37:12
Dear All,

We developed a module for the butcher shop where we have following scenario.

>They buy COW, Beef, chicken using Purchase module
>If they sale full chicken they process in kitchen and sale based on weight.
>If they sale separate legs, wings they dis-assemble main product based on BOM and enter weight for each sub product.
>While dis-assemble we have fixed BOM for each product and we just enter quantity of each BOM product and stock of sub product will be increased in the stock.
>We use weight scale machine that will generate barcode with weight, price and product code and while scanning this code in POS we generate POS line.
>We developed customised Kitchen module that will generate Queue for the items to process and after process they delivered goods.

>Currently we are developing dis-assembling based on product lot and expiry for each product.

If you are interested in the module and demo please mail us.

Husen Daudi,
Managing Director,
Serpent Consulting Services,
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On 21-Jul-2015, at 11:18 am, Graeme Gellatly <> wrote:


That functionality is in 8.0 or maybe SaaS, bom_disassembly does it basically.  I remember porting it for someone about 18 months ago.  The only difference here is the requirement for variable outputs which is a real pain in my experience with default Odoo.  Can't have editable many2many, can't change products easily, can't change quantities easily (actually I have not tried 8.0 for this, just realised I am in middle of porting).  I'm sure you know better than most, the great part about Odoo MRP is that it is so lightweight you can do almost anything if you understand the underlying stock moves and how they are created, but the UI side can be very tricky to make natural.

On Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 5:28 PM, Ana Juaristi <> wrote:

Graeme, It's almost the same that i proposed just because Mo is stock move container.
It's not necesary creating stock moves by hand, not to figth with 2 different pickings but just defining the pieces of the cow as Bom Raw materials and cow itself as final product.
When mo is launched cow moves will go from stock to production and component/pieces will go prod to stock. That is... Inverse from standard
The result will be the same with your aproach and mine but having an mo every step is together
Thank you!!!

El 21/07/2015 02:35, "Graeme Gellatly" <> escribió:
It could be much simpler than that.  The problem here is one of depleting and increasing stock mainly.

Consider that in default odoo all a BoM really does is define a template for some stock moves and sticks them on a form (albeit in exact quantities with very little flexibility, although other projects do overcome this a little).  You used to in v6.1 just be able to add extra stock moves directly in the view, but v7+ the stock moves are basically non editable impossible to change for the normal user.

Stock -> Production - Raw Materials - deplete
Production -> Stock - Finished Goods - increase

So for your described use case, which requires flexibility but didn't include things like workcenters, time recording etc you can do the whole thing with stock moves and pickings.  Maybe a little customisation to reduce some of the manual inputs but not a lot.

Move a carcass to production at x kilos.
During or when butchering is finished create the outward picking adding or updating the product quantities

If the outputs are always the same products, it is easy enough to just use duplicate to create a kind of template. 

On Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 11:47 AM, Ana Juaristi <> wrote:

This is a quite simple development that we analyzed and built for previous openerp 6.1
Master data is exactly the same but it's needed a check in bom to mark production will be "inverse"
When the order based in inverse bom is launched... The final products will be the bom components (cow pieces) and the product to consume will be the full cow. This way you can make an easy cow cut on pieces with a very simple configuration.
By the moment noone in v8 demanded to us this functionality but we could migrate fron v6.1 or build again ftom scratch if you have got budget for it.
Let me know if you want we send you a quotation for the task
Thank you:

El 20/07/2015 16:47, "Lionel Sausin" <> escribió:
As far as I know it's not possible in the standard.
I think we have the same requirement, if you want we can share the development costs.
Ana, Pedro, Maxime, would this be interesting for OCA and/or OdooMRP?

Le 20/07/2015 16:02, Alejandro Perez a écrit :

Hello experts,

I would want to implement the manufacturing feature for a butcher shop, but I'm not sure how to go with a part of the process:

  1. I buy a cow from the slaughterhouse with the purchase module (example: 200Kg)
  2. I need to get all the possible meat from it (variable from cow to cow, for this one it could be 178Kg)
  3. All the fat will be sold separately at a different price (22Kg)

At point 2, I will also separate the different meat cuts (chuck, rib, brisket, etc) and each one will be sold at a different price/weight.

So, as you can understand, there will be a problem with a second fatter cow, where the fat could be 15% of the total weight and it will not be possible to determine until all the cut process is finished. As conclusion, the proportions will vary frequently.

Now the question:
How can I manage variable results in the manufacturing module with the same BoM?

Best regards to all of you!

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