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Re: Manufacturing with variable results for a butcher shop

- 07/20/2015 10:47:17
As far as I know it's not possible in the standard.
I think we have the same requirement, if you want we can share the development costs.
Ana, Pedro, Maxime, would this be interesting for OCA and/or OdooMRP?

Le 20/07/2015 16:02, Alejandro Perez a écrit :
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Hello experts,

I would want to implement the manufacturing feature for a butcher shop, but I'm not sure how to go with a part of the process:

  1. I buy a cow from the slaughterhouse with the purchase module (example: 200Kg)
  2. I need to get all the possible meat from it (variable from cow to cow, for this one it could be 178Kg)
  3. All the fat will be sold separately at a different price (22Kg)

At point 2, I will also separate the different meat cuts (chuck, rib, brisket, etc) and each one will be sold at a different price/weight.

So, as you can understand, there will be a problem with a second fatter cow, where the fat could be 15% of the total weight and it will not be possible to determine until all the cut process is finished. As conclusion, the proportions will vary frequently.

Now the question:
How can I manage variable results in the manufacturing module with the same BoM?

Best regards to all of you!

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