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Re: Odoo for sportswear distribution and retail

Blanco Martin y Asociados , Daniel Blanco
- 07/19/2015 19:32:37
Hi Bruno, I've been looking at your link. I am doing an implementation for a customer in Chile, with a similar set of problems. Are you using variants for the different sizes? The problem I had is to present this stock report, where you see the sizes (and also colors) in columns.

I am using variants, and I opted to make some modifications in quants tree view, so that the customer has the template product available there. This way he can export to excel and take a dynamic table in excel to achieve this.

First I made the same using product variant screen, but as he needed to filter the inventories by location, made the same in quants. I used this module of my own:

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2015-07-19 4:48 GMT-03:00 Bruno Conil <>:
Hello Gunnar & community,  

The webinar :

I intended to have the webinar in Dutch, but if I have an international audience I will swtich to English.  We will show Odoo 8.0 , enhanced with Odoo 4 Wholesale & (fashion) Retail modules.
Attendance is free.  You are very welcome to join us on August, 27  1:30 PM  Belgian time (CET)

Best regards,

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2015-07-19 2:34 GMT+02:00 Gunnar Wagner <>:
On 7/18/2015 10:33 PM, Bruno Conil wrote:
@ Bruno : I might be interested joining one of your webinars
my dutch/flamish is very bad though ...
  • which language is the webinar held in?
  • will it be available only Live or will a recording of it be accessible?
  • what UTC timezone does the time refer to?
  • Does the fact that there is no pricetag attached to it indicate attendance is gratis
best ...Gunnar

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2015-07-18 10:18 GMT+02:00 Luke Branch <>:
Hi Yoshi,

I think there are some useful modules for product variants in:

and a useful x2many matrix module in:

beyond this, I have no experience with that kind of setup in Odoo 8.



On Sat, Jul 18, 2015 at 12:57 PM, Yoshi Tashiro <> wrote:

Dear Community,


We have a potential customer which does distribution and retail of sportswear products.


Some asumptions/requirements that are particular in this business are:

- many product variants for color and size combinations

- operators are used to placing orders in a form with matrix by color and size (you select a product template and just input quantities in cells in the matrix)

- inventory of the past-season products needs to be depreciated periodically according to pre-defined depreciation rules



If anyone could share experience, or point me to customer references or useful modules in context of handling above points, that would be highly appreciated.




Yoshi Tashiro

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