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Odoo with complex workflow, BPM integration

Ecosoft Co. LTD, Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 07/19/2015 08:05:04
Dear community,

We are wonder if anyone has done integration with real BPM engine, like Processmaker, Bonita or Activiti.

We know and like the current workflow of Odoo. It is good for how it being used, but we are looking at something different and more complex.

For example, says, there is a budget request to be approved. In big organization, this could be very complex.

  • A user sending a request for budget approval. It should goes to approver task, which allow approver to interact (yes, no, reject, etc.)
  • The request will be send to 10 person in parallel to approve.
  • If 2 out of 3 has approved, the budget is considered approved, and move to next stage (and the request is removed from the rest).
  • Time limit for the approval, if time beyond the limit, the budget request will be send to the supervisor of the 1st level approver.
  • Or if the approver is on vacation, it redirect to his supervisor too.
  • The approvers is determined by some rules based on character and critical of the budget request.
  • If there is no eligible approver available yet, some other sub process can be entitle the approval.
  • Etc.
The list can goes on. In this kind of situation, the normal Odoo workflow (to keep status of budget document) can stay as is. But there should be another layer of BPM that manage the complex business process.

I know those things looks overly complicated, but it is some thing a really big organization can have.

We used to achieved that with some kind of BPM engine + Rules engine. Those engine, we normally can design business diagram with different nodes, i.e., timer node, decision node, escalation node, data request node, etc. 

I am wondering how this can be achieved with Odoo itself (will be great) or if anyone have done integration with BPM to achieve it? or any addons to do such things.

Looking forward to listen to your thought !!!

Kind Regards,
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