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Re: Odoo for sportswear distribution and retail

XPANSA, Eva Pinter
- 07/18/2015 16:20:52
Hello Yoshi,

We have implemented quite a lot for that industry at one of our customers. Contact me in MP if you want to discuss about it. There is much more than just entering the data…


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On 18 Jul 2015, at 05:57, Yoshi Tashiro <> wrote:

Dear Community,


We have a potential customer which does distribution and retail of sportswear products.


Some asumptions/requirements that are particular in this business are:

- many product variants for color and size combinations

- operators are used to placing orders in a form with matrix by color and size (you select a product template and just input quantities in cells in the matrix)

- inventory of the past-season products needs to be depreciated periodically according to pre-defined depreciation rules



If anyone could share experience, or point me to customer references or useful modules in context of handling above points, that would be highly appreciated.




Yoshi Tashiro

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