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procurement scheduler and nested BOMs

Libertus Solutions, Alan Bell
- 07/17/2015 04:10:32
The scheduler that computes order points and creates the manufacturing 
orders works OK, but for nested BOMs it needs to be run multiple times. 
Is there a way of triggering a re-run if there were things found during 
processing that created new requirements?

for example, if we want to build a house, which is made up of a roof and 
4 walls, the roof being made of tile and the walls of bricks the BOM 
structure might be like this:

house (1)
     roof (1)
         tiles (100)
     wall (4)
         bricks (1000

when we procure a house, it will create manufacturing orders for 1 roof 
and 4 walls, but these can't be produced because they will be waiting 
raw materials. Running the scheduler a second time will procure the 
tiles and bricks that are needed. If we have BOMs that are many levels 
deep we need to run the scheduler quite a lot, and it isn't clear how 
many times to run it, or when we are done with running it, or what 
exactly it is doing.

Is there any better process for achieving this?