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Re: Does Odoo support 3PL warehouse?

The Warehouse USA, Alan Tan
- 07/16/2015 14:43:57
Thanks Josse.

The conclusion I got from all the responses seem to indicate that multi-company-owned stocks is a feature of Odoo out of box, but some development may be needed depending on the specifics of our work processes.

Good stuff.

- Alan

On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 12:53 PM, Jos Colpaert <> wrote:

As said earlier, there is the owner setting that was meant for this.  This makes it possible to assign an owner to the stock moves, pack operations and quants.  That way, each piece of stock can be said to be attributed to a different owner.  (3rd party company) When there is a delivery for that owner, it can only take from that owner.  

This is something we foresaw to be able to do this, but that does not mean everything needed is there yet e.g. at the moment, when no owner is specified, it can take whatever and there is no system like special 3rd party orders (you put them immediately as pickings) and invoicing of your logistics handling will also need creativity.  


Josse Colpaert

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