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Re: Does Odoo support 3PL warehouse?

The Warehouse USA, Alan Tan
- 07/16/2015 02:03:49
Thank you all for your response on this subject. I feel that maybe I didn't describe my situation clearly. 

We are a 3PL operation, just 1 location. So we are not looking for multi-location capability. 

Also we are not trying to integrate Odoo with our existing 3PL system -- we don't have one. 

We are looking at the possibility of using Odoo, with its WMS module, *as* our system. We know Odoo's WMS would be support the case if we were a warehouse of a retailer, where all goods would be owned by the retailer. But we are not. We are a 3PL. We are just warehousing for our clients, who are usually retailers themselves. And we also ship goods for them to their customer, usually the end consumers.

I was wondering if Odoo could be -used by us out of the box.

On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 11:28 PM, Caudal Eric <> wrote:
Functionally Odoo will be able to manage the stock in multiple location (such as consignment or VMI) but most of the time you have a technical need behind to create some connectors with the 3PL provider in order to:
- send the stock picking to be prepared/received
- get/push the status of above stock picking
- get/push inventory figures
Every 3PL connector will be different since it depends on their systems (odoo-connector is a good start for the framework)

On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 11:27 AM OpenERP Master <> wrote:

First of all 3PL is just a generic term. In answer to your question specifically about warehouses, yes it supports this out of box. Stock is a double entry system in Odoo. When you send inventory to a customer, it actually gets transferred from your location to the customers location. In order to support what you are asking, you only need to create a new warehouse that is not in the hierarchy of your warehouse.

Warehouse 1 (your warehouse)
    Location A
    Location B

Warehouse 2 ( their warehouse)

In this case inventory is managed in 2 separate warehouses

On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 9:58 PM, Mohamed M. Hagag <> wrote:

As far as I can understand, the option in settings > warehouse > manage owner on stock is what you need.

On 07/16/2015 04:47 AM, Alan Tan wrote:
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I googled for "odoo 3PL support". Very few results came back. The only useful info I got is from Odoo's feature page that just says Odoo has API that can "integrate" 3PL -- whatever that means.

My question is: does Odoo support 3PL ( a warehouse with inventory belonging to many customers) out of the box? If not, anyone has experience on how much development work is required to have Odoo work for 3PL?

Appreciate any info on this!

- Alan 


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