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Odoo User Documentation for v9

Fabien Pinckaers
- 07/15/2015 14:05:50
Dear community,

We have got more than 30 people that are ready to contribute and help us build a great documentation for Odoo 9. We are excited about this project... Since we started writing the first pages, we noticed how critical it is to have a complete documentation.

The project will be managed from this page:

*How can you help?*

- Set your name on topics you will contribute to in the above spreadsheet [0] 
- Read the guideline tab from this template
- Write your doc based on the asset template [1] (duplicate the document) and put a link in the spreadsheet to your document
- Once it's ready for review, change the status of your topic


It's just the beginning, but we will try to have at least 50% of the documentation written before the release of version 9. (mainly Inventory and Accounting).

- Draft of table of contents is done and first accounting pages are written [0]
- Initial Github repository has been setup [2]
- A draft tool to produce online doc based on RST is setup [3]. We still have to improve layout and navigation. We also made RST tag to: document object fields using their "help" attribute by introspection, links to pages on so that readers of the documentation can test in just a click
- As documentation is based on version 9, we made a public version on runbot so that you can test it online. [4]
- We also plan to integrate the documentation in the product (access docs from an icon in the top bar, directly in the right page according to your menu in Odoo)

*The Odoo Team*

- Martin ( will organize contributions, provide feedback to everyone, and convert finished pages to github. You can also do pull requests directly if you want to help martin.
- Xavier ( will work on the RST and layout so that the documentation looks appealing, like the technical doc
- 4 people will help writing documents


The following content can be reused for v9 doc (thought they may be deprecated)

We also wrote the "Feature" page of most applications, this may help creating the table of content of other apps. Example:

You can also check the slides and presentations from Odoo Experience:

*Why contributing?*

- It's a way to get involved in version 9 and start learning it
- Authors will be promoted on their contributed pages, including a link to their
  website (and documentation drives a lot of visitors) and we will write blogs
  to promote the most active authors.
- We will review and provide feedback on every contribution
- Because we all need a great documentation...



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But this branch will soon be merged in master (2-3 days):
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