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Re: [8.0] "Sales Manager" can't add Suppliers info to Products

Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle - Camptocamp
- 07/13/2015 02:42:41
On 27/06/2015 09:16, Gunnar Wagner wrote:
> my 8.0 user is a "Sales Manager" (local OCA 8.0 installation. Latest
> commit is 53db341).
> In the group Sales/Manager access rights for "Information about a
> product supplier, Operation: create" are granted (by default)
> Nevertheless I get an "Access Denied" once I want to add Supplier's
> information to a Product
>     The requested operation cannot be completed due to security
> restrictions. Please contact your system administrator.
>     (Document type: Information about a product supplier, Operation:
> create)
> Apart from that I can create and edit products.
> The admin user (who as well is a "Sales Manager") does not have this
> problem. I can not find any difference in the setup between those that
> would explain this error though.
> any idea how to solve this issue?

side note: user with id 1 is special cased and never gets ACL checks.
Therefore, you should never check for permission / access rights issues
by tweaking the groups of admin, as this gives no useful information.

What you should do is edit the permissions related to "Information about
a product supplier" and ensure that Sales Manager has create permission.

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