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Re: Which universities in China teach Odoo?

by NexusPrj Chiu <> - 07/11/2015 11:58:22
OK, I am the professor on Taiwan, teaching at MIS department at Wufeng University.
We have been working on open source system for some times. 

And only recently I have started to develop a course about Enterprise Computing and using Odoo ERP as the practicing example.  It is only about 48 hours course the one semester.  Basic the course covers from installation to basic setup and the functional operation about purchase, saels + POS and barely touched a little concept of MRP.

If you are interest, I can send you the outline but it's in Chinese.


2015-07-09 9:57 GMT+08:00 Hans Yonathan <>:

I hope we have university that teach Odoo in China,

But I doubt we have that.


Usually we must train them first how to do accounting in Odoo in here.

If there’s, they must learn that by themselves or they learn it from last company.

And its very rare.


Thank You.


Best Regards,

Hans Yonathan

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I'm looking for an accountant in China. I was wondering which universities in China teach their students Odoo?



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