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Re: Rate Shopping US carriers

Ermin Trevisan
- 07/11/2015 09:18:06
No bad feelings about that, if I only could mix community modules with 
the enterprise version...

On 11.07.2015 06:33, Caudal Eric wrote:
> A lot of new nice features in Odoo 9 will be in the Enterprise 
> version, which makes its value. We cannot complain constantly about 
> that: this is how Odoo SA will finance the RD in the future (some will 
> rant about this fact and disagree but whatever the means Odoo SA needs 
> money to fuel the RD...).
> Said so, any good opensource initiative is welcome to bridge the gap 
> between the Community and Enterprise edition!
> This is a free world and this kind of initiative is welcome to improve 
> the community version :)

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