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Time and Material Billing

Palani Durai
- 07/10/2015 18:47:16

Hi Folks,

I have a typical scenario on Project Time and Material Billing, Can someone help me with your expertise


Project Type : Supply, Install & Training of Equipment 

Billing should be done at 3 different stages : Supply 50%, Installation 40% & Training 10 %

The Total Value of the Contract is for the Materials only

I have created a Project & Analytic Account on the Sales part i have created Sales Order, if i bill the as per sales order it will 100% billing of Material, is there any way i can bill Proportion of the Contract value with Materials 

Let say the contract Value is $ 150,000 for which i have 10 different products & multiple quantities, in the stage 1 i have to bill for 50% of the Contract though i have supplied the complete material &  stage 2, Stage 3 thereon.

Thanks in advance, your help would be highly appreciable