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Re: How to add CSS code on my odoo website using the online HTML Editor ?

Yassine TEIMI
- 07/10/2015 17:32:44

@Kurt : Thank you for your answer, 

I've checked the source code via chrome browser, here is the results :

On the drawing there, it seems that the witespace is corresponding to "padding" (the section on green), I've compared it with another "normal" page, when I hover the drawing's "padding" part, it doesn't represent any part of the page.


Thanks for sharing, it's kind.

On the github repo there is two templates isn't ?
Should I install website_less to install these themes ?
On the website themes I noticed a lot of templates, are they all compatible with odoo cms ? If yes how to have their source code ?

I'll get you updated.
Many thanks.

Hi, recently I created a website with the odoo.
Here is the template I use it:

The website:  (portuguese)

Follow the code and you see how to add css, inherit pages and etc.

2015-07-10 0:23 GMT-03:00 Kurt Haselwimmer <>:


what is the white space caused by in the page DOM - you need to inspect it with something like the page inspector tools in firefox to see which element or css rule is causing the whitespace, or even if your new css file is properly loading. 


Heeelp pleaase i'm stuck...

Le 8 juil. 2015 16:32, "Yassine Teimi" <> a écrit :
Hi Luke, 

Following your anwser on my question about how to add css to my theme, you advised me this forum thread which I found usefull :

I've several questions about it : 

Why you did'nt backup your branch after the indiegogo campaing has finished ?

I have a theme called custom_theme, wich I downloaded from the odoo app store, it's a free theme developped by beztech I think. So, their theme overrides website.homepage, and website.layout, once I add my custom css by inheritance between the :<html><head> </head></html> as follows : 

 <template id="layout_inherit" inherit_id="website.layout">
    <xpath expr="//html/head" position="inside">
<!-- their css theme -->
                <link rel="stylesheet" href="/custom_theme/static/src/css/bootstrap.css"/>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/custom_theme/static/src/css/custom.css"/>  
<!-- my custom css -->
<link rel="stylesheet href="/custom_theme/static/src/css/bootsnippet_1.css"/>

It generates a white space on the website layouts as follows (click the link) : 

Once I delete this override, the layout becomes normal.

Should I do this override differently ?

On the other hand I saw you talked about website-multi module, and that it was backported to version 8, is it stable now ? can i use it on production ? 

My need is to have multiple website on the same odoo instance and for every website link it with a domain name, how to do this technically ?

And to finish, do you have any themes examples that you can share with me ? 

Many Thanks.

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